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On Beauty

What role does beauty play in your life?  What is the effect on your day-to-day life of consciously bring more beauty in?

It is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and this resonates with me.  That said, I'm wondering what is beautiful in your eyes.... or ears... or sense of touch, smell or taste.  What is it that is transcendent, that takes you to a place of inspiration or creativity?  Through which of your senses is it likely to enter?  And how do you respond when it does enter?  Do you stop and let it in, savor it, allow it to expand and touch you deeply?

I enjoy this question because it connects me with the many ways that I can make my life more wonderful without doing much more than just paying attention.  The appearance of beauty, as you define it, is an invitation to pay attention to the many stimuli that have the ability to lift you up, lighten your day, and perhaps channel your energy in a different direction.

Some people have a meditation practice.  I have a Beauty practice.  I consciously bring beauty into my life to enhance each day.  I usually start with Facebook:  I look at photographs that have been recently posted, and I share the ones that I like best.  Often they are photos of children or animals or what seem to me to be amazingly beautiful places.  I sometimes look on Pinterest, Tumblr or Flickr.  On average, I'll spend 15 minutes looking and sharing.

Another way that I take in beauty is paying attention when I take a walk.  Rather than using my walks as time to think about stuff, I try to focus my attention on my visual field.  I look up at the trees, notice the architecture and pay attention to the people I pass.  I smile at people, sometimes say hello to strangers and watch their eyes.  Some of them grant me a smile or a word in return.  That's really beautiful to me!

How about you?  Are you taking in the beauty that's all around waiting to be discovered?  Are you looking for it?  If no, how would your life be different if you did?

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